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MineHubs Studios was founded in the fall of 2019. We have a main team who is constantly working at MineHubs Studios. Our other employees work as freelancer in the company. Every day we put the quality at our top priority. Our passion lies at the heart of all what we do.

The mission of MineHubs Studios Company is to inspire and entertain humans through storytelling. We like to create and tell people around the globe our stories and give them something to think about, and show people other sides of the world through our stories. We like to give people the best entertainment you can find on the earth. We love to bring something to the people, they can use in the real world.

MineHubs Studios is intended to provide quality entertainment through movies, tv-series, events and social medias. We produce our own entertainment and entertainment assignments for others. In addition, we have a subdivision at MineHubs Studios called MineHubs Game Studios, which focuses on gaming entertainment. Their purpose is to create entertaintment through game development.

MineHubs Studios leadership consists of two young professional movie makers. They both have a high ambitions level, and they both set the quality first when it comes to entertainment.