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The Other Side

Our First Short Movie
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The movie goes by the name "Den Anden Side" In english it's called "The Other Side". It is a modern tale of inner hatred in relation to family drama. It is a brutal, fierce and emotional film that focuses on the themes of inner hatred, revenge and prejudice. The movie is based on a revenge auction on a family member. Everyone has a hatred to this family member after what he did...

Director Statement

The Other Side is a very deep film, which has a lot of hidden stuff in it. The film shows what hatred and psychic things can do to people. The aim of the film throughout has been to make a more atypical film with a brutal genre in it. Therefore, it has also been obvious to make a hate and torture film, as those two subjects are not seen often in Danish films. In addition, hatred is a huge topic in Denmark. In particular, xenophobia. The movie shows what hatred can do to humans if hate is allowed to control us. The film also puts a lot of focus on prejudice. You could say that it is these prejudices that cause the hate in the film. In addition, the film also carries some gloom. It has always been the plan that The Other Side should not be a movie, which you will want to see again and again. It should be a film with an important and up-to-date message that people can learn from.

Jacob Jørgensen was born on August 27, 2002 at Haderslev hospital in Denmark. He is a Danish movie director, screenwriter and movie producer. He has played theater from 2012 to 2018. In 2017 he began to work professional with movies. Since then he has been recognized for his young age and his abilities for the work he is doing.

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You can read more about The Other Side on IMDb.


  • director

    Jacob Jørgensen

  • type

    Short Movie

  • genre

    Drama, Family,

  • duration

    12 minutes

  • release

    October 23, 2020

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